Bull Elk Don't All Fall Down by Dennis Carroll




I agree with Kristine and think that everyone who writes about the outdoors does at least a little to defend it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s directly or indirectly. This is a great post, I just read a bit too late to enter the challenge!


The challenge that Dennis is referring is called the “Outdoor Bloggers Summit Challenge: How Bloggers Preserve and Defend the Outdoors.”


The snippet was intriguing and I was looking forward to the ending. You made the comment that Dollarsign is more the rule than the exception. I believe that this is sad, but true for all styles of hunting.


There are a good bit of hunters out there, who go buy the latest widget and head out hunting! They have not put the widget through rigors, let alone just plain test it!  I was told by a friend of mine who is a guide in MT, that if you want to be the talk in camp, show up with new cowboy boots, cowboy hat and a new rifle!


I prefer to test my gear before using it in real situations. To me it doesn’t matter if it is my bow, gun, cooking stove, GPS, sleeping bag or tent. Wouldn’t it just make plain sense to be comfortable (as much as possible) during that moment of truth? I usually start testing new gear at least a year before I will need it or take in the field.


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