Cameron Hanes & EBJ Have Parted Ways!

Not sure if you guys/gals received your latest EBJ, but you’ll notice in the Dialed in section, that Cameron Hanes is no longer with Eastman’s Bowhunting Journal.

My impression of Cam is that he is a very down to earth genuine guy, couldn’t have been nicer or gone out of his way answer a multitude of questions that I have asked him.

I was told by a friend of mine that Cam addressed this situation before he began his seminar at the Phoenix ISE and basically said that things had ran their course. He’ll continue writing, and is currently working on a book about backcountry hunting the wilds of Alaska.

The cause was that he just had “too many irons in the fire.” He has a full time job, a wife and 3 children, 2 of which play sports, he writes, he shoots, he trains like a madman and oh, he hunts!

I will say that reading Backcountry Bowhunting was what turned me onto backcountry hunting.  This book has helped this flatlander with some great advice on the backcountry. That book was more than inspirational for me and I have read it several times!

I hate to see him leave as I’ve always enjoyed reading his columns, stories, and tips/advice…not sure how it’ll effect Eastmans’ Publishing, Inc.

Cam is still going to host RMEF Elk Chronicles and for Bugle magazine.

We can only speculate on what, if any other projects are brewing, maybe this!

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  1. Johnnie Walker says

    I have never met Cam but I truely love everything about him. He is so dedicated to everything he does period. I long to be like him. I hope he gets his own show immediately doing backwoods hunting, And the training it takes to do it. I still love EBHJ I just wish Cameron was still with them.

  2. I met Cam when I was hunting in Montana on a mule deer hunt. He was a great guy that was willing to give adviced and help. The Eastmans were there also shooting a video for a futre hunting show. The son, Guy eastman also was great guy and had a personality. But I also met his dad while there and was so dissapointed. He wouldn’t look you in the eyes and wouldn’t give you the time of day. He was all ove CAM because he missed a shot, but then shot a mule deer at 63 yds. The eastmans put on a great TV show, but I don’t think much about the dad. Just my 2 cents from being there in person

    • Kerry,
      Thanks for stopping by the site and posting your thoughts, I really appreciate it.

      I agree that Cam is a stand up guy! The Eastman’s are as well, but Mike Eastman can rub people the wrong way on first impression. Mike is not a “people” person, per se! He is very uncomfortable getting in front of crowds, if you have ever seen him give a seminar (rare) you can sense this. And is a bit shy/stand-offish with people he does not know.

      I do not know Mike personally, but have met (tried to meet) Mike a few times. I have heard Guy and Mike both admit to Mike’s character flaws. It is somewhat of a shame as Mike has a wealth of knowledge. I guess that’s why he has written such great books for us to read.


  3. Phil McDonald says

    I have been a long time fan of Cameron Hanes. I think he is a very well rounded, well spoken person. I absolutey hated to see him leave EBJ, I truly think the magazine will suffer some because of his absence. I have to say that after reading his book, Backcountry Bowhunting, I was truly inspired. As a matter of fact, I was so inspired that I have planned my own DIY elk hunt out west. I can’t wait for September!

    • Phil,
      Thanks for stopping by with adding your comments on Cam. I truly enjoyed his Backcountry Bowhunting book as well! I just gave to a friend of mine, that we are doing a DIY hunt this Sept!

      I am glad they decided to start printing the book again!


  4. Mark Johnson says

    I’ve been a hunter for over 40 of my 54 years and, for me, the Eastman’s are the gold standard for hunting shows. Cameron Hanes has been a “star” there, certainly, but the show will go on from there because Mike and Guy are excellent hunters and I really have enjoyed Nate Simmons’ work. He’s a quietly passionate, humble and hard-working hunter, and very knowledgable for his age. There’s room for lots of guys on these shows, and there’s always room for quality hunting productions. Cameron seems like a great guy as well as a great hunter, a committed family man, and I wish him nothing but the best in future endeavors.

  5. I have just received the New Eastman’s hunting video Bowhunting Vol. 4 and David long and Nate Simmons were fantastic! I really look forward to the new reads that those two put out in EBJ. I never was a huge fan of Cam, not because of his video’s or articles but, he just didn’t seem approachable at the Sportsmans Show. I tried to talk to him and just never acted like he had time. Mind you I started out archery hunting reading his books, reading his articles and watching his videos. With that said good luck to him and I look forward to Nate and David.

    • Thank you for stopping by and posting your comments as they are welcome! Like you, I truly enjoy David Long and Nate Simmons as well. I would love to meet them as well, some day! But, I am unaware of any of those BC hunters crossing the Mississippi for shows. Cam does cross it to go to AU facilities!

      Have you read David Long’s book Public Land Mulies? It is a great book if you are new to hunting Mulies or an experienced Mulie hunter!


  6. Alan Hartford says

    I just read Cameron’s book over Christmas. It has excited me to no end. I’ve always wanted to hunt elk in the Bob Marshall Wilderness Area. Cameron has shown me the way. I’m a huge fan of both Cameron and the Eastmans. Both are so down to earth. To me it seemed like a perfect fit. I wish them both well.

  7. The Eastman’s are and always have been icons in the hunting world. This goes back to Gordon Eastman one of the first to document (in film)hunting, to let us into the world of the hunter. To say they are the foundation is a hugh understatement. I will continue to enjoy all the Eastman’s bring and watchout for Mr. Hanes as he is well on his way to becoming the next icon in our sport we call bowhunting.He aswell as Chuck Adams are my true heros and mentors. Thank you men for daring to share your lives with us.

    • Thank you for leaving a very informative post! I could not agree with you more on all of your points. I think it would be great if Eastman’s would release some of Gordon’s footage on DVD for all of us to view and to share with kids as well.


  8. I will cancel my subscription to EBJ.IMO I can not watch the Eastmans on tv.They are very dry too me.I wont support them without Cam.I think Cam was the backbone there he is what drew the crowd.I hope one day he will get a show together.Can not wait for the new book.

    • While the Eastmans may be “dry”, they are very humble hunters as Cam is. They have a great replacement with South Cox and I truly enjoy Nate Simmons’ articles and spots on TV.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  9. I noticed Cam has changed up some of his gear – Nikon binos vs. Swaro, Under Armour vs Sitka – I wondered if a split from EBJ was coming? Guess so. I wish both parties continued success.