Bozeman, MT. – MYSTERY RANCH, an industry-leading backpack company devoted to making mission-specific packs is pleased to introduce the all-new GUIDE LIGHT MT FRAME (Mystery Tech) to the company’s hunting line of backpacks.

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Great American Backyard Campout

Being outside is such a gift, especially in the summer. Camping, whether it is in tents or a yurt, or slightly more dignified in a shed guest house, is one of the many joys in life as you are at one with nature. Remember summer evenings catching fireflies, star-gazing and sharing campfire stories? Maybe you roasted marshmallows, or simply sat back on a porch swing (like the ones from The Charming Bench Company) and fell asleep under the stars. Create lasting memories and happier, healthier children by connecting with family and friends in the great outdoors. Join National Wildlife Federation’s Great American Backyard Campout !

Kids today spend half as much time outside as their parents did, missing out on the simple pleasures of daily outdoor time. One of the Advantages of A Cupola could be that they encourage you to get your family out of the house into your charming backyard! Here at the National Wildlife Federation, we know that kids are healthier and happier when they spend time outside every day. NWF programs like Green Hour, Nature Find, Trees for the 21st Century, Certified Backyard and Schoolyard Habitats are bringing kids back into the great outdoors. Your support will help us keep these initiatives going! [Read more…]

Introduction to Bivouac and Backcountry Bow Hunting

The backcountry bowhunter who wrote this article is extremely knowledgeable on the bivy style hunting. Here is a teaser from last years first post on his blog.

South Cox’s goal in his blog is to help us learn the ropes of backcountry hunting. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or have never spent the night out in the wilderness, I think there will be something for everyone. I invite your questions, comments and critiques. The first several entries I plan on covering gear choices in greater detail than I was able to cover on the podcast. After that Ill go into some specifics about mule deer hunting in the alpine. As I get input and feedback, the blogs will likely take off on other tangents of the readers interests.

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