Control Your Hunting Property Like a Whitetail Freak

Property Manager Aerial View

Team Hunt Geek helps hunters use their iPhone & iPod to seize control of their deer hunting domain like never before.

The Property Manager app is GPS-based, will mark treestand locations, trail cams, scrapes and other points of interested to assist you in the whitetail woods.

Property Manager calculates your food plot and property acreages – and even offers a handy “go-to” function to help aid you in finding your treestand in the dark.

Property Manager is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Whitetail Freaks Property Manager Features:

  • Manage multiple properties with custom names and notes
  • Reveal acreage of any property based on property markers placed on a map
  • Calculate acreage on food plots based on food plot markers you place on the map
  • Place map pins from several categories such as Tree Stands, Trail Cams, Property Boundary, Food Plot Boundary, and More!
  • Add notes to any pin and view recorded latitude and longitude
  • Filter map to include or exclude specific pin categories and property & food plot overlays
  • Special “Go To” feature gives distance and heading to any selected pin
  • Three map views to choose from: Standard, Satellite and Hybrid
  • Manage multiple food plots with custom names and displayed acreage

“You could say we’re geeked-up over this, to put it mildly,” says famous Whitetail Freak Kandi Kisky. “This Hunt Geek app is all about taking property matters into your own hands.”

Property-Manager-Go-ToProperty Manager Map Setting


Property Manager Pin Details

I can’t wait for this to be released on Droid, so I won’t have to bring my iTouch and Droid Bionic in the stand!

Point your browser to and check out their other hunter apps when you purchase the Property Manager!

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