Deer hunting approved at Marias Park



Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks commissioners have approved a limited-access deer hunt at the new Marias River State Park and Wildlife Management Area southwest of Shelby.

Hunters who want a shot at hunting at the park must apply by Aug. 7, either online or by e-mail.

Only 60 hunters — 30 during the archery season and 30 during the rifle season — will be permitted to hunt the approximately 7,540-acre property that includes about 11 miles of Marias River bottom.

The area has good populations of mule deer and white-tailed deer.

“At meetings last winter, area residents stated their preference for a limit on the number of hunters using the new property,” said Gary Olson, an FWP wildlife biologist.

In a news release Wednesday, FWP said access to the Marias River State Park and Wildlife Management Area will be allocated as follows:

Archery Season, Sept. 5-Oct. 18

  • 10 archers for the first two weeks;
  • 10 archers for the third and fourth weeks; and
  • 10 archery hunters for the fifth and sixth weeks

During the general hunting season Oct. 25-Nov. 15:

  • 10 rifle hunters for the first week;
  • 10 rifle hunters for the second week; and
  • 10 rifle hunters for the third and final week.

Each of the 60 hunters randomly drawn will be notified by letter of their access. Public access remains open for all other species, including antelope, birds, and fishing. Maps of the property and general area rules are available online or at FWP’s Region 4 office in Great Falls.

For more information, call the FWP Region 4 office at 406-454-5840.

Bruce Auchly, information officer for FWP in Great Falls, said applicants may apply only once each year and for either the bow or gun season, but not both; no party applications will be accepted; and hunting periods will be allotted at the time of the drawing and are not transferrable.

When hunters apply, they must include their full name, address, phone number, ALS number and whether they want to hunt during the bow or rifle season.

Applications are available at all FWP regional offices or online at

Successful applicants may use any deer license valid in Hunting District 406.

All hunting will conform to regulations for Hunting District 406, which has a three-week deer season.

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