Drymax Trail Running Socks – Review

Drymax-Trail-Running-SocksIf you’re like me, you may not have heard of Drymax before reading this review.

I am always looking for outdoor technologies, which are just a little different than the rest of the market. This is how I came upon Drymax.

When I first put my hands on them, I thought these may never get a test run on my feet, as they felt very course and rigid. Not at all like wool or compression have socks, which my feet had been accustomed to!

So, being I spent money on them I figured that I would give them a try during my weekly chores of mowing, trimming and other yard work in the lovely heat and humidity of Virginia. Much to my surprise, my feet felt very comfortable during while wearing these inside of my Bogs rubber boots. My feet were even dry after 4 hours of working in the yard.

All Drymax running socks use the technologically advanced Drymax fiber. Instead of just wicking moisture Drymax is hydrophobic, (no it’s not afraid of water!) it merely means it doesn’t like moisture! This results in moving the sweat away from your feet up to 25X faster than many other synthetics and wools commonly used in running socks. It does this by removing sweat and water from the skin through the inner Drymax layer and transporting it to the outer absorbent layer. The results are no blisters!

The Drymax Trail Running Sock allows you to wear the sock as a 1/4 sock for added protection. It’s like having a built in sweat band to keep leg sweat from dripping into the shoe! It also acts as “foot gaiter” in keeping trail dirt from getting inside of your sock. As we all know too well, dirt can easily cause blisters or rub the skin raw.

The Trail Running sock is a High Density protective padded sock. It was designed for use in cool to warm conditions, keeping feet dry and comfortable.

• Made in the USA
• Active Odor Control
• Anti-Blister System
• Arch Band – Holds the sock in place
• Double Welt increases leg protection, by riding higher on the ankle
• Dual Layers assist in keeping your feet dryer
• EZ to read size marking to match-up after laundering
• Flat Toe Seam
• 65% olefin/20% polyester/7% elastane/8% nylon


These socks are not very thin, nothing like the Smartwool PhD Run Ultra Light Mini Socks. But, their added thickness was functional and beneficial.

I had to work through trial and error myself in finding the correct size for me. There is a size chart on drymaxsocks.com. However, if you’re in between sizes I’d recommend going with the lower size to keep them snug.

After 8 months of wearing them on hikes, trail runs, trail races, I would not recommend this sock as a winter running sock, as my feet were a bit too cool for my liking this past winter. As this sock was designed for use in cool to warm conditions.

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