Elk Hunting Opportunity in Kentucky

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife has released the Bull Elk Lottery results. To find out if you were drawn please log onto KDFWR website.

While the official elk lottery has closed for 2010, hunters can get one more shot at having their name drawn. “Kentucky Afield” television has the story this weekend, May 22 and 23.

Kentucky-Department-of-FishOne bull elk tag remains to be drawn for fall elk hunting. Through a raffle sponsored by the Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Foundation, proceeds from the specially commissioned tag will fund scholarships and needed improvements to Camp Webb, Camp Wallace and Camp Currie.

“Kentucky Afield” host Tim Farmer talks with Chad Miles about benefits planned for Camps Currie, Wallace and Webb. These camps introduce middle school-age boys and girls to fun and learning in the great outdoors. This last elk tag will be drawn Saturday, June 12.

The mission of the Kentucky Conservation Coalition is to organize outdoorsmen and women, conservation groups and their members so that their united voices can be heard on important issues impacting fish and wildlife management, wildlife-related recreation interests, and natural resource conservation in Kentucky. Our fishing, hunting, trapping, and natural resource conservation heritage is depending on it. We need to pass the things we hold dear to the next generation, and the time to act is now.  To join the KCC and its many partners, including The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, please sign up for this FREE service by clicking here http://www.kycoalition.org.

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  1. Darn, I missed out on it this year. I still havent gotten an elk.
    Maybe next year!