Elk Hunting University 2011 is now in session!

Last year’s efforts at providing new insights, techniques and concepts for hunting the “Monarch of the Rockies” hit the mark. Elk Hunting University (EHU) pages were viewed more than 400,000 times in fewer than 12 months! Responses to and comments about EHU’s time- and field-tested wisdom, tips, and advice from the contributing Hunter Outreach Huntmasters and DOW field officers and biologists have been very positive. Thank you for your interest!

Enroll again this year or for the first time and get lessons that expand upon previous lessons or that introduce new topics and concepts. Watch for lessons on “Planning a Drop Camp Hunt,” “Hunting High-pressured Elk,” “Advanced Shooting Skills for Elk Hunters,” “Shot Placement for Rifle and Archery” and more. (Previous lessons remain available. Dont feel you have missed out on anything!)

The only prerequisite for this course is your interest!

Check them out at:


For more information about Division of Wildlife go to: http://wildlife.state.co.us.


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