ElkNut’s PlayBook Update!

ElkNuts PlayBookThis is the latest update on ElkNut’s Playbook that I have received from Paul.  The publishers worked through this past weekend & assure him that he should have several hundred of them by Friday & they will start shipping them out immediately. Everyone should have their PlayBooks next week for sure in their hands! All inside pages are 80# weight & gloss coated to help as much as possible against moisture damage. The outside cover is also glossy with an extra UV coating at 110# weight. They did this for the best possible durability within reason. Paul also had the font size enlarged to a #-10, he wanted a bit larger print for guys that are wiser! (half blind) He also opted for a durable core binding instead of stitching or glues. The reason for this is so you can open it up where they may need to quickly & it will stay open right there & not try to close on you! There are several blank pages in the middle & back of book for notes. Those pages say “notes” on them. They did their best to really put out a nice long lasting PlayBook!!! They wanted a Cadillac not a Volkswagen! Maybe that’s why it’s taking longer than expected?

This is book has gotten me gitty as a school girl!!!

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