Exciting Train To Hunt Challenge Event Announcements

What is Train To Hunt?

Train to Hunt – Fort Collins CO Qualifier from Train to Hunt on Vimeo.

The Train To Hunt Challenges are annual events strategically timed in the off season to set a goal for hunters preparing for the rigors of the upcoming Fall and Winter hunting seasons. Challenge events not only serve as a benchmark for any hunter to measure their preparedness, but, also bring together the Train To Hunt community of like-minded individuals and families to compete and share in the sport they love.

Train To Hunt 01

Additions to the 2015 Challenge Events
Train To Hunt’s goal is to make the Train To Hunt community accessible to every hunter. In 2015 we allowing participants to sign up for single events if they don’t want to participate in the two day qualifier event. They are excited to announce the addition of the “Hunters 3D Only” and “Challenge Course Only” events. These single events are perfect for hunters who want to get their feet wet and be part of the Train To Hunt community. Bring your friends, your bow and experience the Train To Hunt Challenge event for yourself!

Preparing For The Challenge Events
The Train To Hunt Training Program is an obvious choice for anyone preparing for the Train To Hunt Challenge Events, as well as any hunts planned in 2015.

Train To Hunt 02

This at home program requires little equipment (sandbag, box, backpack and a bow) and can accommodate any fitness level. So whether you are just starting out or you already consider yourself a beast, this program is for you! There are new challenges daily and ALL workouts are hunter specific.

With this program you will be more physically prepared to take on anything that the mountains can throw at you and hunt with more confidence than you ever have. The Train To Hunt team guarantees it!

Want to see what it’s all about?  Take advantage of their One Week Free Trial offer on TrainToHunt.com.

2016 Expansion of the Challenge Events
Train To Hunt is excited to announce that they will be expanding our reach of the Challenge Events to include:
*Exact locations/dates will be announced in a future newsletter.

They will continue to expand year after year until they have a Train To Hunt Challenge within reach of every hunter in the United States…And someday the world!

Find a Challenge Event near you!

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