Firenock Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kit for Bow – Review

APA Viper Nano Limb PocketIf someone were to tell you that you could mitigate anything rusting on your bow and reduce the weight of you bow by up to 6 ounces, would your ears perk up?!

Well when I heard this my ears perked up as did my shoulder!There is such a product, and it is called the Firenock Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kit for Bow. Most of the kits contains the Limb Bolts, Limb Pocket Screws, Module Screws and Arrow Rest Bolts. Some kits even include the Limb Tip and Cam Stop Screws. Each of the bolts and screws are made of high-grade (GR2 & GR5) Titanium with extremely tight and accurate tolerances.

The replacement bolts to be installed are hollow Titanium Fastener, which makes the bow lighter, vibrate less and doesn’t rust.

My initial test bow is the APA Viper Nano set at 64.5lbs of draw weight and 27″ draw length. The Firenock Ti Bolt Kit arrived with the following items:
2 x Limb Bolts
2 x Limb Pocket Bolts
8 x Limb Tip Bolts
4 x Cam Bolts
2 x Roller End Bolts
1 x Arrow Rest Bolt
2 x Sight Bolts

Total weight of the kit was 1.92 oz.

weight of stock APA Nano bow

Weight of bare, stock APA Viper Nano

To tighten these bolts and screws, you must use a TORX Head wrench. I highly recommend using quality TORX wrenches (not the kind found at Home Depot or Wal-Mart) as these bolts are made with tight tolerances and you do not want to jank-up the heads on these bolts.

Firenock Ti Limb Bolt

Firenock Ti Limb Bolt on the APA Viper Nano

Another recommendation, is to ensure that you place Copper Anti-Seize on all the bolts and screws that will fasten into Aluminum it will prevent the Galling. Galling is when there is pressure and friction and the two metals fuse together (also known as cold welding) and you won’t be able to remove them without risking damaging the bow!

If you’re like and really wanted to maximize the benefit of the Firenock Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kit, I took it to the next level and replaced all the bolts and screws in my AXT Bow sight, Stokerized Acrylic SS1Hamskea VersaRest Arrow Rest and Tight Spot Quiver.

Steel bolts replaced by Firenock Titanium

Weight of bolts, screws from sight, rest, quiver, stabilizer (bags were tared)

Breakdown of weight of steel bolts/screws per accessory:
Stabilizer – 0.3527 oz
Sight – 0.7054 oz
Quiver – 0.8804 oz
Rest – 1.0215 oz

Upon the completion of the installation of the Firenock Titanium Bolt and Screws installed on my bow, sight, rest and quiver, it was time to weigh the bow.

The difference in weight was close to a half pound!!!

APA Nano Post Weight

Weight of APA Viper Nano after Firenock Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kit Installed

While this number may appear to be insignificant, it was readily prevalent while holding the bow at full draw and I was able to hold bow a bit steadier. To put this into perspective, imagine you are holding a 33″ long stick with 3oz at each end while holding it in vertical position. Then now reduce weight to 1.3 oz. on each end (which is about the ratio of the titanium to steel). The stick will be easier to balance as the dynamic mass is less.

For giggles, I shot 5 arrows through the chronograph, to see if there was any noticeable change and 2-3 FPS after the install!

Another benefit, was that my arrows were hitting 2″ higher at 40 yards!

These benefits are the result of the Ti Bolts absorbing more shock and energy, which in turn allows my arrow recover more quickly enabling more energy retention down range.

After installing, shooting 3-D, and hunting with this kit for over a year now, I can say, that all of my bows will now have this kit installed on them.

The Firenock Titanium Bolt upgrade kits provide you the lightest, strongest, and rustproof bolt set to fit on most bows (vertical & crossbow) available on the market today! Currently, Firenock offers 2 levels of Titanium Bolt Upgrade Kits available for purchase on Firenock’s web store:
1.Level – The limb bolts, rest & sight upgrade kit
2.Level – The complete bow upgrade kit (included all/most of the bolts/screws of particular bow)

Firenock also has Ti Bolts for bow accessories, just contact them directly.

For those of you that shoot APA Archery Bows, you can contact APA directly for a more complete kit than what I installed and all new bows can be ordered with the Titanium Bolt upgrade kit!

If you do not see your bow configuration on either the Firenock Titanium Fastener Upgrade Kit for Bow page or the web store, contact Dorge at Firenock and he will assist you in getting the correct kit for you!

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