Firewood fast fact: Burn only certified, heat-treated wood

Don't Move FirewoodTemperatures around the state are dipping into the chillier numbers, with some regions seeing snow fly! If you’re planning to camp or enjoy a bonfire, when it comes to firewood, please wait until you get to your destination to buy firewood locally.

Aged or seasoned wood still can transport invasive species from one location to another. Just because the wood is dry doesn’t mean that bugs can’t crawl onto it. Only certified, heat-treated wood bearing the U.S. Department of Agriculture stamp is safe from pests and diseases. Having to deal with any pests and diseases can be an inconvenience for everyone, especially as they can severely affect an individual’s health. You see, pests are a type of animal or plant that can cause harm to humans. But not only that, they have the ability to damage crops and livestock. And if they find their way into your home, they could prove to be a nuisance to your family members. Before it even gets to this stage though, looking for a company that specializes in terminix in colorado, or in an area near you, will be able to make sure that the problem gets resolved before it has the ability to get any worse. But you can play your part in making sure that you only buy heat-treated wood that displays the Agriculture stamp. If you can’t find certified firewood – buy it where you burn it! This and other tips are available on the Firewood Awareness Month webpage.

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