Full Flight Technology Introduces The UNO App

Full Flight Technology UNOFull Flight Technology, maker of the Velocitip System and an archery leader in precision performance is pleased to announce that the UNO Archery App for smartphones is now available after now finishing its mobile app performance testing to ensure it works as intended, and thousands of bowhunters have dialed in their sights with the UNO App.

Sighting in a bow can take hours. Even then, knowing if the bow is 100% properly sighted in can be difficult to determine at longer distances. With the UNO Archery App, a bow can be sighted in from 20-80 yards, or further, in just minutes instead of taking all afternoon.

Full Flight Technology has tested hundreds of today’s top bows with the Velocitip System. This data is used by the estimator included in the UNO Archery App to make sighting in almost any bow sight a piece-of-cake. To use the app, archers simply sight-in at one distance and provide the app with: arrow speed; vane type; distance peep-to-arrow; and distance peep-to-sight. The UNO Archery App immediately displays accurate sight marks on the phone screen for sighting in any multi-pin sight. Customize the pin selection for any setup then position your sight pins to match the pin positions displayed on the phone. The UNO app can also be used with any linear single pin sight to create customized sight tapes anywhere.

“We are extremely excited about this new technology and the amount of time it saves archers,” said Robert Donahoe, President of Full Flight Technology. “The UNO Archery App is a one-of-a-kind sighting tool that provides beginner archers and seasoned veterans alike a level of accuracy they couldn’t get before without spending hours at the range. The UNO Archery App allows everyone to ‘micro-adjust’ their sight for top performance in minutes, and only costs $9.99.”

With The UNO Archery App, archers can set their pins and go!

The UNO Archery App is available for Android and iOS users and can be purchased at Google Play and the App Store.

For more information about the UNO Archery App, visit Download UNO – Archery’s Top Ranked App! or call (617) 577-3963.

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