G5 Creates Havoc

G5 Havoc Open

G5 changes the game on us again! This year they have introduced a new 2 blade broadhead that features German Steel Lutz blades. It also contains their new posi-lock blade-retention system. This means no o-rings, not rubber bands for a hassle-free system. Wait it gets better, the Havoc has a “balanced-blade” deployment system which allows both blades to always deploy at the same time, every time!

The Havoc is available for both compound bows and crossbows in 100 and 125 grains and comes with a practice broadhead and G5 window decal.

Havoc Specs:
• German Steel Lutz Blades
• Posi-Lock Blade Retention
• Balanced Blade Deployment
• Replaceable Blade Cartridge System
• 100 and 125 Grain Models
• No Rubber Bands or O-Rings
• 2” Plus Cutting Diameter

Give them a look here!

G5 Havoc Closed

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