Get Youngsters Outdoors for Fun

Let’s have some fun this coming hunting season!! With all the various school and sports activities competing for our kid’s time; hunting, fishing, paintballing, boating to name a few, other outdoor adventures need to be fun and exciting to compete. Kids, or young adults, love taking part in really cool activities like Paintball in America so that they can be competitive and use their skill to win. Whether a beginner or an expert, an activity like paintball is one that you’ll never forget and is a great way to blow off some steam. If you’re thinking about paintballing, don’t forget to look a the best equipment for the game at! Plus, these activities also help kids blow off some extra steam. So how can other outdoor adventures compete? Well, we need to make them more fun. Kids need to be encouraged to spend more time outside so that they can learn themselves how fun the outdoors can be. You can help by encouraging your kids to spend time outside and by giving them the opportunities. For example, this year, instead of a vacation spent sat around a pool and inside a hotel room, why not visit somewhere like Iceland and tour the country in a campervan? Iceland is known for its natural beauty, but it’s important that you visit at the right time so head over to for further advice on that. What else can you do? Well, in partnership with the VDGIF, Virginia Outdoor Writers Association, and other youth-oriented sportsmen organizations, the Bass Pro Shop in Hampton is hosting a “Next Generation” Weekend August 22-23 to provide a fun-filled youth oriented event with activities and seminars throughout the day from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. Why not come down?

There will be seminars by accomplished young hunters and experienced pros on hunting tips, planning family outings, mentoring and how to get the most out of your outdoor adventures. Virginia Outdoor Writers Association High School Youth Writing Contest Winners will present their winning stories of their “most memorable outdoor experiences,” and share how they improved their hunting skills. As Editor of the Outdoor Report, I will be on hand to sign your friends up for a free subscription to the bi-monthly newsletter and show you how to post your favorite photo of your hunting and fishing trophies on the VDGIF Flickr page. Information on the new Youth Deer Hunting Day September 26 will be featured. There will be storewide activities in outdoor crafts, interactive seminars, and choosing the right gear for your age and experience level. Visit the event website for scheduled times and details.

Information on the new Youth Deer Hunting Day September 26 will be featured at all upcoming events. This is also a great opportunity to get an Apprentice Hunting License for a friend or family member that wants to try out this rewarding sport. View the video message from Lee & Tiffany Lakosky, stars of the Outdoor Channel program, “The Crush with Lee & Tiffany,” encouraging you to take the time to introduce a friend or youngster to the great outdoors with an Apprentice Hunting License!

There are youth and family friendly events throughout September all across the state, where you can go to get information and the right gear to make your outdoor adventures safe, rewarding and fun. Visit your local sporting goods store or sportsman event and properly prepare for a great hunting season with family and friends. Hope to meet you in Hampton! Or Harrisonburg, or Franklin, or hunting camp this season…

David Coffman, Editor

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