Help Stop Target Panic With Hamskea Cure

Johnstown, CO – In 2010 Hamskea Archery Solutions L.L.C. introduced The Break-Thru true tension release aid. is proud to announce

New for 2013 Hamskea Archery Solutions L.L.C. is excited to introduce “The Cure” release aid helping archers everywhere cure their target panic and improve their shot technique.

Our customers asked and we listened, ” The Cure” is a smaller version of the very popular “Break-Thru” release. With “The Cure” you still get the same consistency in the only positive safety true tension release but in a smaller package. Perfect for JOAD programs or anyone with smaller hands, including women and children. A portion of all proceeds from “The Cure” are being donated to help in the fight to find a “cure” for breast cancer.

“The Cure” is available in pink or black.

Visit your nearest Hamskea dealer to preview The Cure.

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