Have you seen the latest pics of Miss September?

Montana Decoy Cow Elk Miss SeptemberMontana Decoy has a new HD Line of High Definition (HD) photo realistic decoys!

Feeding poses have been proven effective during any phase of the hunting season and the all new Miss September Elk decoy combines this potent pose with HD photography.

“A herd bull might try to add a lone cow to his harem during the rut or it might be a confidence decoy in the late season after the rut has passed,” said Jerry McPherson, owner of Montana Decoys. “Either way, using a realistic decoy can mean the difference between success and failure.”

With a simple twist-and-stake set up is the new Miss September and all Montana Decoys. The light weight construction means it can go with you no matter if you’re hunting near the road or backpacking in the wilderness.

Miss September stands 41 inches tall set up and weighs in at a mere 42oz. Meaning it will go unnoticed in your elk pack until you need it.


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