Hot Hands, Warm Feet

I have used the Hot Hands for a few years and always keep a few in my Jeep during the cooler months. I use them for cold mornings and having to scrape the windows of our vehicles, hunting, playing with the kids and even our cousin Jimmy’s hockey games! I have even given them to children waiting for their school bus in front of our house.

I am an avid bowhunter, I hunt on stand for and average of 3 hours for morning and evening  hunts in the early season. Once the rut gets started it is an all day affair! I am on stand 1 hour before light to 30 past dark which is about 9 to 11 hours, depending on the weather. It can get downright cold in Virginia! I do a lot of backcountry hunting in Montana and Idaho which is just the opposite of stand hunting and some of buddies from out west don’t understand how cold it can get on stand.  I try to explain to them that sitting still for 3 hours, in 30* temperatures, 20 feet up on a piece of aluminum with the thermals swirling or a breeze is “tough”!  Oh, and don’t forget that moment when its time to draw on your deer after setting on stand freezing for 2 hours…good luck!

Some other uses for the Hot Hands are to throw one in the bottom of your sleeping bag if your feet start to chill. Speaking of feet, throw them in your boots it’s a great way to warm or thaw out your boots first thing in the morning on those freezing morning in cold weather. If you have ever put on frozen boots at 5am, then you will want to give this a try. Another function on those below freezing nights, is to tape a Hot Hand to the bottom of your fuel canister for your stove. The canisters don’t function very well in below freezing temps. The alternative is to throw it in your sleeping bag with you, but some are uncomfortable doing this.

They also make Toasti Toes Toe Warmers that are designed to fit in your shoe without squeezing your toes or cutting off the circulation to them and to function in the reduced oxygen environment. They also make a Body warmer pad if you need maximum heat, I have one of  these in my pack in case of an emergency.

Check them out here! You will not be sorry you purchased them.

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