How To Find The Right Hiking Shoe?

hiking2A buddy and I are planning big hunt for next year. During our last pre-planning conversation, he mentioned that he would need to replace his boots. After a few tips that I gave him, like them now and start wearing them! I thought to myself, how would he know what kind of boot to get? Does he purchase it like he has in the past¦one size larger for thicker socks? Then, I remembered reading something on a blog a while back on how to choose a boot.  


Well, with some digging, I found this post on Schnee’s from 2007 and the article still applies today!


For many people, the process of researching and selecting a new pair of technical footwear can seem quite overwhelming, it was for me. Whether you are looking for a pair of trail runners, a new light hiker, or a serious backpacking boot, there are a few steps that can be taken to simplify this process.

Read the full article here.

In fact Amy, Ciro and I are headed near Three Forks, MT to do some hiking today!

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