Hunters Sign Up for Game Damage Roster






Hunters interested in game damage or management season hunting opportunities for deer, elk, and antelope on private lands this year must register with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks online.

 The 30-day registration period is June 15 through July 15. Hunters can sign up on personal computers, at any FWP office, or many public libraries.

 Hunts could take place anytime from August 15, 2009, through February 15, 2010.

 To register, prospective hunters should go to and click on ‘Game Damage Roster.’ Hunters will need their ALS number and will be prompted to enter one preferred hunting district for potential deer, elk and antelope game damage hunts. While hunters may choose to apply to be on a list for all species they are limited to applying for one district per species. Hunters should click on the confirm button after making hunting district and species selections. Hunters are urged to print the confirmation page after completing the registration process.

A final roster will be posted August 1.

 Game damage occurs when animals such as elk, deer, and antelope concentrate on private farms and ranches and eat agricultural crops. FWP’s game damage hunt rules are designed to respond to the needs of landowners who provide public hunting during the general hunting season, yet who could nevertheless suffer losses due to wildlife damage without this additional management tool. In addition to game damage hunts, those who register will also be eligible for special management season hunts. Special management seasons are called for in response to concentrations of big game due to seasonal migrations, extreme weather conditions, restrictive public hunting on adjacent or nearby properties, and other factors. Game-damage hunts and management seasons are only offered when needed and the need for such hunts may or may not develop. FWP will contact hunters on the game damage rosters if hunting opportunities arise.

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