HuntingGPSmaps Expands 2012 Product Lines

Hunt OnXMapsHuntingGPSmaps is proud to announce the continued growth in the 2012 product line. The Missoula, MT, based company has become the leader in GPS maps for the hunting/outdoor community. The revolutionary plug-and-play mapping system has changed the way sportsmen access and utilize public and private land.

The basis of the mapping system is a color coded layer that shows all up-to-date public and private landownership and distinguishes actual entities that own the parcel. The PLAT series even includes landowner names and private property boundary lines in available counties (see state details for county info). The PLAT map series has now has expanded to 13 available states for 2012 including the addition of AZ, CA, ND, NM, and UT. The addition of landowner names is one of the most usable tools for sportsmen heading to the field. Other standard map features are 24K topo, hunting unit boundaries, counties, township-range-section numbers, roads, trails, water features, etc.

These remarkable products are designed to let sportsmen know the location of all public and private property boundaries along with landowners’ names while in the field, real-time! A key benefit of the map is having the user’s GPS location plotted on the map which saves the user time and frustration trying to determine their location on a paper map. The look and feel of the map makes it easy to compare the user’s GPS location to paper maps such as State, Plat Book, Forest Service, and others.

Not only have sportsmen found the map a critical resource, but State Wildlife Agencies are currently a top customer, using the map for wildlife studies, patrolling trespassing, investigating poaching issues, and simply assisting hunters in the field. Law enforcement agencies from the State, County, and City levels are utilizing this easy to use map to quickly determine the name of landowners for an area they are responding to.

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