I Dont See Any Elk

It’s the time of year when we start the tag game with state game licensing. We go through our gear to check what needs to be replaced, upgraded or repaired. One of the things overlooked every season, especially for Western game is self preparation. By self preparation, I don’t mean physical fitness, I mean mental skills and know-how! For elk this is a crucial part of your planning.

If you are planning on elk hunting anywhere you need to know where to look for the elk. Once you locate these areas, check with locals for that area or the local wildlife biologist. Now the local biologist isn’t going to tell you which tree to setup in front of to get a shot at that 300 inch bull. You will need to have done your homework and ask “good” questions. There is source available to us all and his name is Paul Medel a.k.a. ElkNut. He has some great videos that are truly loaded with useful and applicable information. There is nothing on the market today that even comes close to the content in his videos. If you’re looking for some great elk encounters with the bull screamin’ at the hunter 10 yards away, these DVD aren’t it! ElkNut’s DVDs and CDs are not for entertainment, they are for information to arm yourself and your hunting partners how to communicate with the elk.

The first video I would recommend from ElkNut Productions is Scouting Elk Country! This is a great DVD to get you looking in the right areas for elk all hunting season. ElkNut does a nice job of outlining how to recognize “elky” areas from a distance, then dial in on them. “From a distance” could mean one mile away or 2000 miles away with tools like Google Earth and topo maps. He shows actual footage showing a variety of elk country and then the corresponding areas on topo maps!

Here is a clip from the Scouting Elk Country DVD

I have his other 5 DVD’s and just ordered his 2 recent CDs that he released. I have reviewed his book, “ElkNuts Playbook” earlier. I believe that you will not find a better set of tools to prepare you for your next elk hunt.

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