I Want a GPS Map That Has It All

onxmap-logoHow many of you would like to have a card that you could just pop-in your GPS and it instantly display Public Lands with you unique colors, and Topographical lines for 1:24,000 maps, Hunting Units, Water, National Forest roads and trails? ย I agree that would be one awesome piece of technology….Well look no further at the team at onX have created this “Oracle of the GPS”!

HuntingGPSmaps.com has changed the way outdoorsman use their GPS. Not until now has one chip, map or software been able to provide all of the needs and wants of so many outdoorsmen. Now, these are not just for the hunters they are for use while fishing, hiking and the like.

We all know out west how public land is checker boarded or interlaced into private land. There have numerous times that I have passed on land where I have seen game because I was not sure where the public and private boundaries were located. This can assist you in making your hunt a little more relaxing in knowing that you are not trespassing.

One of the coolest features of this application is that when you are actively using your GPS and walk from the land color with change as you cross into the different property types!

NOTE** Be “very” careful with the free maps that are floating on the Internet. They use a database that is Federally Owned and can be inaccurate and outdated with boundary and ownership information. Verify the date of the ownership data before using any maps that are designed to show ownership.

HuntingGPSmaps.com provides these maps for most of the western states. If you were to draw a straight line down from the eastern boarder of Montana down to Texas, they have a map for every state west of that line, which includes Alaska!

There are a lot of GPS maps available now, so really look into the features that are most important to you. So, give onxmaps.com a serious look, as they make several maps and overlays to fit your outdoor needs. They make Plat Maps with or without topographical features, Statewide Transparent Public Land Boundaries Maps. They even provide and overlay map for Google Earth that displays the landowner’s names and property boundaries, how’s that for pre-scouting?!

They are great to work with, very professional and customer service that you can rely on which is not easy to find these days.

You can purchase their maps right in our store, here!

I cannot wait to take it on my next hunting trip to this fall with my Garmin 60CSx!

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  1. Definitely a great resource so you don’t accidentally get caught on private ground. I constantly wonder if I’m on the right land, but the maps take the guesswork out of it. Getting ready to download the maps soon.

    • Jeremy,
      They are truly the best maps available to the public! Let me know if you have any questions.



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