Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 1

After 8 months of planning this Do It Yourself (DIY) trip and working out like a madman I was finally ready as I was going to be. I had lost 13 pounds in weight and 3 inches of my waist line. This was achieved by doing 2 different variations of the P90X workout routine and starting a diet the last 3 months of training. The diet was a simple design, tough to implement! It was to cut out all sweets like dessert, soda, ice cream and the like along with everything and anything that was deep fried. As time drew neared I started taking 8 mile hikes 1-2 times a week with my Mystery Ranch Crew Cab loaded with weight that was increased slightly every week.

Soon it was time to pack all of our gear into the cases and ship it via FedEx to our destination. It was tough not having my bow for that week before the trip, but I at least shot my backup bow to maintain the muscle memory. I also worked out during this time, but at a lower intensity, to allow my body to recover and prepare for what was coming.

After that we are finally on our way with no delays, changed seating assignments or some complaining that the plane wasn’t made out of recycled paper, off we went smooth sailing baby. Up to this point the trip was going exceptionally smooth…that is until we landed in Boise! I was finally going to get tested on this trip. The first hurdle was the at the car rental, this is where they informed me that my truck would not be available until 11pm that evening….Whaaatt! It’s 5pm and my reservation shows picking the truck up at 6pm. I am glad that I printed every confirmation on this trip and brought it with me. After some negotiating, they stated that they would get a truck for us by 6pm, which they did. The next hurdle was when my wife Amy called me, during the wait for the truck to inform me that my American Express card had just been cancelled. Are you kidding me?  Someone was trying to use my card in Canada at the same time that I was in Boise.

We get to the truck tossed our Mystery Ranch packs in the back seat of the truck and start to head north. It was pretty cool to hear Greg’s comments on the landscape as we don’t have terrain like this in Virginia.  After a little while, he had gotten a bit quiet and I think he started to realize that his feet were going to have to propel him up and down this rugged landscape. We met my good friend Paul at his house around 9pm threw the bow cases that we shipped with all of our gear in the back of the truck and headed to the hotel.  We were up late unpacking everything, re-organizing all the gear and getting it loaded into our Mystery Ranch packs. I was wearing the Crew Cab and Greg was wearing a CBMR pack.

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