Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 3

I know that bull is coming up here!

We got up, shook the frost off and hiked down from where we thought the bull from the previous night came from. We talked about the setup and I made a few location bugles. We moved a little further down the ridge and gave a location bugle. Immediately a bull responded so I set Greg up in front of me about 60 yards. The bull and I chatted back-and-forth for about 20 minutes. Then I “clucked” to see if Greg had left yet to sneak in on the bull and he was right where I left him. By this time, the bull bedded down and stopped bugling.

For the afternoon hunt we set up on the opposite side of where we last heard the bull from the morning. We could never get a response from any elk in different locations and setups. There was a small herd of cows and calves that were skirting behind Greg. He was unaware of their presence until the branch snapped when they busted out of there once they winded him.  We arrived back at camp around 10 pm after a hard hike back. The night was very quiet; we never heard one bugle all evening long. Even over the next mountain, where it sounded like the elk were partying every evening and morning. I will try talking Greg into hiking over there! It was only another 3 miles from the current camp.

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 2

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