Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 4

We setup on another small lake for this morning’s hunt, as it looked very elky as they had water, dark timber cover on 2 sides, meadow and a north facing slope. We received a little response but the bull went quiet before Greg could get to him.

We went back to this little oasis to hunt for the evening. We did get the bull to respond to us but only twice as he was further up on the mountain and Greg couldn’t get in on him. On the way back to camp that evening, Greg noticed a light at the far end of the lake. I could clearly tell that he was not comfortable with this as he thought the light was moving our way, which it was not. The light never moved in any direction, it just would go dim and then brightens back up again. I told him that it was probably hikers camping out, as no hunters would be that nuts to hunt back her To cover his concern, he said that, Maybe Amy sent rescuers out for me, because she didn’t receive the SPOT messages. I told him she wouldn’t do that at the beginning of a trip and she was content with my woodsman skills. So, we continued onto camp, where we fired up the Jetboil to have some Mountain House Beef Stew. While we were eating, Greg noticed a bright light on top of the mountain in front of us. He was concerned that there was somebody crazier than I as they were climbing it at night. I quickly settled him down and pointed out that the light was on an airplane.

This evening I saw what I think was my viewing of a star burning out. It was in the southern sky, the star got very bright, similar to a flash and gone!  That was pretty cool! Time to get some sleep as there will be lots of hiking tomorrow!

Bear Track

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 3

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