Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 5

Today is the day we hike out to the truck to replenish our food supplies and replace any unwarranted equipment or clothing. On the hike out, Greg mentioned that he needed to call his loved ones. This meant that we would have to drive to town to get a signal and they were receiving the SPOT messages as well. This should have taken 6-7 hours to hike out and back in, too a bit longer. This turned out to be much longer, as I treated Greg to a trip to the local campground so we could get showers. This was also leverage to hike back in further to the mountain where I wanted to start hunting on the first day. Now it was time to hit it hard as we only had 2 ½ days of hunting left. By the time we got to where we had stashed our gear it was almost dark, so we decided to setup camp there.

Greg use the Mystery Ranch Day Lid to carry his gear to swap out

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 4

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