Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 6

We woke up very early pack up camp and hunt while hiking back to the area that I wanted to hunt. What was nice was we found a trail that would take us near the area I wanted to hunt, so it was a little less like the NFL Combine Obstacle Course!


Rock/creek hopping with short legs and loaded pack was challenging!

After several miles of boot leather wear, we arrive at the lake and mountain that I wanted to hunt. We find an area where we can stash our gear and go do some afternoon scouting. We dump some of our gear and Greg notices strange objects in the trees by the lake. I looked through my Vortex Razors and clarified that those strange objects were tents and tarps. Damn it! Some other hunters beat us to the prospective honey hole! I did not see anyone nor did we hear anyone around the area. So, we reloaded everything on our backs and headed over the next ridge. We found a nice level spot with good timber and a no-name lake. We looked through our optics for a while to see if anyone was in this area. It was early afternoon, so we setup camp, ate some lunch and planned the evening hunt.


Upacking the Valandre Mirage in my Hilleberg Soulo

Later in the day we packed our gear for the evening hunt, headed to another larger lake that had 2 draws funneling into it and the far end of the lake dropped into a long gulch. We arrived at the top of the rock near the lake, which was about 600 yards away. We were going to do things a little differently this evening we were not going to start calling, we were merely here to see where the elk come from If an opportunity presented itself, we would try to capitalize on it. We sat on that cold rock from 5pm until 8:45pm with not a sight or sound of an elk. I did end up giving a location bugle at 8:15pm and nothing in response.



Where we sat for the evening to glass for elk

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 5

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