Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Last Day

Greg at Almond's Spill

We woke up early, packed camp on our backs and headed west to hunt our way back from whence we came. We ran into the Forestry Contractor again and talked with their team leader Andrew for a bit. We talked about conservation, hiking, hunting and the like. I found it interesting that nobody in the group hunted. But, yet we were all on the same page in the goal of keeping wild areas wild! Andrew informed me that they would not be back in this area for at least another 3 years. My mind was already starting to work on the next trip out here.

Last Camp setup

We continued to call and stalk during are trek back towards the trail to the truck. We decided to hike to the summit of the lake, setup camp there and hike in the basin facing the truck. This would prevent us from having to hike an elk up the summit. We setup camp around 3pm that afternoon, ate some dinner and headed out for the evening hunt. Tried several different setups and the only thing that a saw were a Mulie doe and her 2 yearling that came within 15 yards of my setup. Finally, at 9pm I gave a nice long, young bull location bugle and did not receive any response. I tried it a few more times on the way back to camp and hear nothing.

Looking back down from my photo rock

Standing at the summit of the lake


Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Day 7

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