Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Reflections

I am not sure what would shut the elk vocalizing after 2 ½ days, could it have been the forestry guys? Maybe!  Could it have been wolves? How about a mountain lion? We saw both tracks while hunting. But, I talked to a few other guys that hunt the same zone about 20 miles apart from where we were and they experienced the same thing on the same days.

It was a good hunt, not only to challenge myself, test new gear and but in taking a greenhorn on this type of adventure. Even though Greg was not physically or mentally prepared we were able to adjust the hunt to his abilities and made the best of it. Unfortunately, I don’t think Greg will be signing up to join any of my backcountry experiences unless there is are horses involved and porta potty!

All of my gear performed better than I expected as some of the gear was new on this hunt. Here is a list of some of the core items I packed on this hunt:

Ascential Bioscience Recovery
Asolo TPS 520 boot
Black Gold RedZone Flashpoint
Exped Air Pillow
Exped DownMat 7 Pump
Exped Shrink Bags
Garmin 60CSx
Hilleberg Soulo Tent
Hoyt Vectrix
Hunting GPS maps
Jetboil Flash
Katadyn Vario
Kodak Zi8 Camera
Mountain House meals
Mystery Ranch Crew Cab
nuun Electrolyte Tabs
Sitka Gear 90% Jacket & Pants
Sitka Gear Ascent Pant
Sitka Gear Core Shirt
SPOT Personal Tracker
Valandre Mirage Sleeping Bag
Vortex Razor 10×42
Wilderness Athlete Bars
Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus

Greg and I are meeting up at the end of the month and I will provide him with a DVD of the videos, photos and trekking report. I have not talked to Greg since we got back from our hunt. This is not an attitude or disappointment thing, I just want him to reflect on the whole experience himself. Then we can share our adventure at that time with each other and our spouses.

From this trip I have the following “Lessons Learned”:

  • Be hard on your hunting partner about getting into physical shape, mental shape and skills
  • Bring an elk decoy, for last resort setups
  • Check your camera before you leave, mine got flaky as you can see in some pics. The Kodak Zi8 filled the gaps
  • Check with all local agencies (Game & Fish, Forestry) to confirm there are no activities going on during your time there
  • Locate a packer, to haul out the elk just in case you are short on time or in case of an injury
  • Split the tasks for planning the hunting trip and cross-check each other’s progress prior to leaving for your trip
  • Stay in the backcountry if at all possible the entire hunt, don’t waste time and energy going to the truck
  • Take less food

Greg and I at the summit

Idaho Elk Trip 2010: Last Day

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