Idaho Grizzly Bear Management Proposal

Yellowstone Country Bear Hunters AssociationIdaho Fish and Game News Release

For immediate release:  July 7, 2016

Public input sought on hunting rule proposals for the Greater Yellowstone population of grizzly bears

Idaho Department of Fish and Game is gathering public comments on rules for potential future hunting of the Greater Yellowstone population of grizzly bears in eastern Idaho once it is no longer listed as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act.

There are seven rule proposals, including hunting restrictions and requirements for harvest reporting, checks, and tag validation. To review the proposals and submit comments, go online to Fish and Game’s Negotiated Rule Making webpage at

The public comment period will run through July 27, 2016.

When the Fish and Game Commission adopts rules, the rules are subject to review by the Idaho Legislature before they become final.

The Fish and Game Commission has not made a decision to have a hunting season for Greater Yellowstone grizzly bears, and any potential hunting season would be very limited. The Commission makes decisions about hunting seasons and harvest limits through a separate process. These rule proposals involve how Fish and Game would administer grizzly bear hunting if the Commission decides to allow it.

Once the Greater Yellowstone population of grizzly bears is delisted, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission and Idaho Department of Fish and Game will continue to manage this population in cooperation with Wyoming and Montana.

Folks, Please read this short draft and comment online or in person at the locations and time below.

YCBHA supports this plan based on 3 of our founding principles:

1. Work with local, state, & federal governments to de-list the grizzly bear &  manage the growing population through hunting seasons in the states of Montana, Idaho, & Wyoming
2. Reduce human bear conflicts & educate the public on causes.(Grizzly Hunting seasons can work to reduce conflicts)
3. Increase black bear & grizzly bear hunting opportunities through habitat management & a better understanding of bear populations.

We want to ensure that if we do delist the grizzly bear and hunting seasons are adopted we carefully manage the bear in all three states so we do not reduce GYE grizzly numbers to below 600. We support regulations that would a sustainable and growing  bear population so that our future generations of hunters could one day hope to hunt the GYE Grizzly.  We feel the Wyoming Draft Plan ensures this and there are proper safety mechanisms in place to address concern of over harvest and population reduction.
Thank You!
Joe Kondelis | President
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