Idaho Wolf Management Update

Wolves were removed from the endangered species list on May 4, 2009. Idaho Fish and Game has taken over management under 2008 state law, the 2002 wolf management plan and the 2008 Wolf Population Management Plan. Wolves will be managed as big game animals, similar to black bears and mountain lions. Hunting seasons will be set by the Idaho Fish and Game Commission.

The May progress report now available.

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  1. harvested? What a word. How we treat God’s creatures is a crime. You soulless hunters have none of the nobility, character or sense of fair play that are in wild animals like the wolf. Total idiots that have no respect for life…hide behind a gun you cowards…go to Iraq and at least your “prey” can shoot back…you cowards!!

    • First, I would like to thank you for expressing your opinion on the site.

      I would like to address your comments, as you put it (if you are religous & use the King James bilble) “God’s creatures” were put on the earth to feed and clothe us humans. Most hunters are not souless, as there is a great deal of respect in harvesting animals. And I say harvest, as this is contributing to the balance of life and everything that I harvest, makes it to our family table to eat. There is no difference if it trout, peppers or deer! I have nothing against the wolf itself, just the way it is managed! It has damamged game herds waaaayyy too much and not to mention ranchers cattle! All living things need to managed, just where I live the deer are 25+ per square mile and they are a problem to farmers, automobile insurance and sometimes human life!

      Your next comment of “hiding behind a gun” is a bit off the mark….As the title states, I am a bowhunter and have nothing against gun hunters as we are enjoying the great outdoors.

      Lastly, if you are a conservationist for animals how have you contributed in the health or well-being of these animals? Where do you think that the great State Parks that you may hike, camp or photo generate money? Where do you think the majority of funds for National Parks come from? These moneys come from fishing, hunting licenses, taxes and proceeds on every piece of hunting and fishing gear!

      If you ask what I have done, I am the chair-person for our local RMEF chapter, member of the Sheep Foundation and SCI. In fact, we just received the approval of “re-instatement” of elk in Virginia.

      Thank you,