Into High Country

Zing Outdoor Productions

After a hunting season that Zing Outdoor Productions will not soon forget, a season filled with great joy and great heartache…  After a ton of  long night’s in the editing studio,  It is with great anticipation that their brand new show “INTO HIGH COUNTRY with Jason Matzinger” will premier Thursday, June 30th at 2:30 pm(EST) only on the Sportsman Channel!  They were able to capture some absolutely breathtaking footage this past season and have combined it with an all new look and feel of the show!  They will be hunting everything from Whitetail Deer to Mountain Lions from all over North America including Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Quebec, British Columbia, and Alberta just to name a few.  Please past this information along anyway you can including Facebook, Websites or any other Social Media sites you may belong to!  I am confident that Jason and Zing Outdoor Productions, would greatly appreciate it and I hope you enjoy!

Show Times (EST)
Sundays 11:30 am
Thursdays 2:30 pm
Mondays 3:30 am

Hunt Hard,

Zing Outdoor Productions

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  1. Richard C. Paille says

    Hi, I just watched your elk hunt in Montana and like your show. The wolf mini-documentary was most impressive. It was a simple and credible statement of fact with excellent visual and oral presentation from an individual most sincere in his plea to control the wolf population. I shot an elk in CO with a x-bow this year for the first time ever at age 66. The general opinion there re: predators is to use the 3 esses; “Shoot, Shovel, and Shutup”. I live in Michigan and know that the good folks in our UP also share this philosophy.

    I believe this type of rational but hard-hitting activism is important in order to change the minds of antis. Keep up the good worrk.

    Richard Paille
    Hillsdale, MI

    • windedbowhunter says

      Mr. Paille,
      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and kind words. We do need to educate more hunters and the non-hunting community.


  2. windedbowhunter says

    I finally watched this on TiVo…

    While it was on a teaser, it was punishing as we will have to wait to see each full episode. But, each full episode will end up stored on my long-term storage for TiVo!

    If you haven’t seen Jason and his staff in action, you are truly missing out! It is one of my top 3 hunting shows, that I and my family love to watch!