Killer Hike For A Backpacker

Backpacker Cover - October 2010

This is an article is written by a die-hard backpacker, first time hunter, Bruce Barcott, who lives in Colorado.  The article is on page 60 of the October 2010 issue of Backpacker magazine. The gist of the article is on how a hiker/backpacker sees the backcountry through hunters’ eyes hears with his ears and smells with his nose!

There were quite a few points that Bruce brought up that resonated well with me.  For instance, he pointed out the difference between those outdoor people who shop at REI and those who shop at Cabela’s.  Although, I do shop at both stores but it is very minimal and usually last minute items.  I found it VERY interesting that he felt that Ted Nugent was much closer to the truth than the PETA Rep on the principals of hunting.  I also found it surprising on how he said that the hunter was more “in tuned” with land and animals, than he himself the hiker. This was defined in viewing of tracks, paths and such that normally he would just pass by.

I believe that we (hunters) would be surprised at how many “backpackers/hikers” are interested in hunting. This may be they are interested in hunting themselves or that they are more interested in how we see, treat the land and wildlife. This may be one of the many “paths” that we can share to combine forces and educate them on how we are NOT “Bubba with a shotgun and a Budweiser”! There is a GREAT organization called Leave No Trace, is a national and international program designed to assist outdoor enthusiasts with their decisions about how to reduce their impacts when they hike, camp, hunt, and the like. I love their slogan/add campaign “Bigfoot’s been doing it for years!

It would be nice to see a follow-up article where he states that his wife and son are now educated in gun safety.  And that his son will be enrolled or has completed his Hunter Safety Course. And how he shared a hunting camp with his son, what were his son’s thoughts and that they are planning trips in the future.

I feel that the article showed hunting in a positive light and kudos to Backpacker for allowing such an article. I have sent Backpacker an email thanking them for publishing an article that some think is taboo.

If you are not subscriber of Backpacker Magazine, which you should especially if you hunt, camp or hike the backcountry you can view the article here!

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