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WTA - Alaska – Outfitter #046 - 1This hunt is usually one that has to be booked a minimum of 1 year in advance. There have been a few changes with clients and their loss is your gain. If you are looking for a destination hunt of a lifetime, this caribou hunt is a must!

We had an amazing trip with this outfitter! Hunting North of the Arctic Circle, staying in an unreal camp, eating awesome food, and seeing hundreds and even thousands of caribou is what this hunt is all about.

This outfitter has hunted this area for many years and knows the area very well. On the Do-It-Yourself Hunt and the Fully Guided Hunt, all that you need to bring is your Personal Hunting Gear, Backpack, Weapon, etc. Everything else is provided by the outfitter including Tents, Cots, Heater, Food, Sleeping Bags, Rafts, Etc. This is an active hunt with the emphasis on caribou, however there are frequently opportunities to harvest ptarmigan, and occasional wolf sightings. After caribou tag(s) have been filled, there is the opportunity to enjoy excellent fishing for Arctic Grayling, Dolly Varden trout, and Arctic Char.

Hunting options include looking for migrating herds of caribou from vantage points near your camp. You will be hunting in known migration paths that have been very productive in years past. This area consists mostly of treeless, boggy marsh, and tundra covered flats. It is generally low-profile, rolling terrain with some gradually sloping hills reaching up to 800 feet in elevation. The river bottoms can be brush-choked with willows, but generally visibility is extensive. This region has numerous lakes and the ground has been compared to walking on a lumpy waterbed. In addition to the herds of caribou, there are over 200 species of birds, including geese, swans, seagulls, ducks and eagles. Other indigenous wildlife includes several species of fox, ground squirrels, grizzly bears, musk ox, wolves, wolverines and arctic hares.

•(1) Do-It-Yourself Drop Camp for up to 2 Hunters
•(1) Fully Guided Hunt for up to 3 Hunters.

•Barren Ground Caribou

•Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Length of Hunt:
•D.I.Y. Hunt – 10 Days (1 day travel to camp, 8 days hunting, 1 day return to airport)
•Fully Guided Hunt – 8 Days (1 day travel to camp, 6 days hunting, 1 day return to airport)

•September, 2015

•Drop Camp:High Quality Tents, Cots, Sleeping Bags & Pads, Etc. Meals Included!
•Fully Guided: Air-Boat, High Quality Tents, Cots, Sleeping Bags & Pads, Meals, Wall Tents, Generator, Freezer, Fully Guided, Packer, Etc.

Hunt Price:
•D.I.Y. Hunt: $3,250.00 (Per Hunter) + License & Tag(s) – (2 Caribou Per Hunter and Wolf is free)
•Fully Guided Hunt: $6,500.00 (Per Hunter) + License & Tag(s) – (2 Caribou Per Hunter and Wolf is free)

Guide Ratio:
•Do-It-Yourself Hunt: 2 Hunters is the Minimum For These Hunts
•Fully Guided Hunt: 2 Hunters to every one guide

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WTA - Alaska – Outfitter #046 - 4WTA - Alaska – Outfitter #046 - 2WTA - Alaska – Outfitter #046 - 3

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  1. Dustin Feher says

    Very cool. I’m headed north of The arctic circle this August for a self-guided DIY caribou hunt.