Lone Wolf introduces new ALPHA TECH 6-PT Fall Arrest System

Lone Wolf Alpha Tech Fall Arrest SystemEdwards, IL – As the industry’s leader in treestand design and innovation, Lone Wolf has always made safety its top priority. For 2012, Lone Wolf has taken this priority one step further and developed the NEW Alpha Tech 6-pt Fall Arrest System. This ingenious 6-pt safety harness takes comfort and convenience to the next level.

“We worked hard to develop a lightweight harness that stayed out of your way during the hunt, but in the worst case scenario, kept you in control of an otherwise uncontrollable situation,” said Lone Wolf President, Jared Schlipf. “We’re proud to offer this American made harness that provides the same level of quality you’ve come to expect from all Lone Wolf products.”

The Alpha Tech 6-pt harness features adjustable shoulder straps, leg straps and waist straps for a customized fit to any hunter’s body type – perfect for all-day comfort. The individually dedicated leg straps won’t ride up with sit/stand movement like other models on the market and also feature EZ Release leg buckles for added convenience. The padded shoulder and yoke provide additional comfort by taking pressure off the upper body.

For added value and safety, Lone Wolf’s Alpha Tech Harness also comes complete with its own dedicated Linemen’s Rope Assembly; keeping you attached to the tree during the climb or as you’re setting sticks or treestands.

“We’ve tried to think of everything that WE would want in a safety harness as we developed the Alpha Tech,” said Schlipf. “It’s exciting to see the hard work we’ve put into this product finally come to market and we’re confident in the safety it provides the customer. As we’ve said before, you’ll only know you’re wearing it if the worst should happen – and then, more than ever, you’ll be glad it’s a Lone Wolf.”

• Adjustable Shoulder, Leg and Waist straps.
• Padded shoulder and yoke.
• EZ-Release leg buckles
• Suspension Trauma Release Device
• Linemen’s Rope Assembly – Included
• Carabiner Rope Assembly – Included

About Lone Wolf Treestands: Based in Edwards, IL Lone Wolf Treestands have long been the benchmark by which all other treestands are judged. Known for their innovative cast aluminum platform design providing superior strength, silence, and lightweight portability.

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