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It is estimated that Mongolia has the largest population of Maral Stag in Asia, consistently producing excellent trophies.

Asia Outfitter #057

Mongolia opened hunting to outsiders more than 30 years ago, and has remained available, productive, and stable ever since. This makes it one of the longest-standing hunting destinations in Asia, with Mongolian hunting guides ranking among some of the continent’s most experienced mountain guides.

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This subspecies of Siberian elk is found in all major mountain regions of Mongolia. The best time to hunt them is mid-September to mid-October.

Asia Outfitter #057

Success rates have remained 100 percent over the past years! Hunting is done by spot and stalk during the rut season. You will be transferred around the hunting areas by a 4×4 vehicle.

Asia Outfitter #057

The base camps are traditional Mongolian yurts, with comfortable beds, wood stoves, and separate dining areas. Sometimes tented hunts are arranged.


*Other Species:  Depending on license availability, you can combine this hunt with Hangay Argali, Gobi Argali, High Altai Argali, Gobi Ibex, Altai Ibex, Wolf and Gazelle.



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