Mobile Tree Stand Strategies for the Rut

Stacked OutdoorsGrand River, IA – Whitetail hunters are methodical. Trail cameras, intensive scouting and learning deer behavior and patterns are all part of the game. Hunters setup strategically placed stands and target the deer they have been scouting for months. Then the rut kicks into gear and everything shifts. Deer are suddenly scattered, chasing does and moving off their normal patterns.

If you haven’t harvested your buck before the rut, having a mobile stand strategy will increase your odds of harvesting a great deer. Mobile stands were not really an option until recently. Lighter stand construction has opened more opportunities for hunters looking to set-up on the fly. While lighter stands are now available, mobile friendly climbing sticks were not until the release of Stacked Outdoors Ladder Sticks. Now you can carry a stand, ladder sticks and your bow or rifle along with a moderate pack. You can do so quietly and without being overly burdened.

Stay on your favorite stand locations during the rut and use them as scouting points. If the deer pick-up an alternative pattern, drop to the ground, fold up the stand and stack your sticks. Move to a new vantage that crosses paths with the deer. Glassing from a vantage also leads to excellent mobile stand locations. Pay close attention to the does and follow their motives. If you think they are working towards water or feed while being tailed by a buck, make a move to cutoff that path and setup your stand in an area with enough open space to make a shot. Bring along your best rattle and bleat tactics to draw that buck in as well.

When stacked for transport, a stick section is nested into the section below it, providing an ultra-quiet and compact solution that eliminates those awkward walks into the woods with traditional climbing stick and ladder system designs. Additionally, they remain rigid and durable while cutting out excessive weight, noise and inefficient packing systems. Strap them to a tree and they will stick and provide a stable climbing platform. The efficiency of the sticks makes it much easier to get in position for a secure climb into your stand. Without Stacked Outdoors lightweight, easy to use ladder sticks, mobile treestand hunting simply wouldn’t be as effective.

Stacked Ladder Sticks from Stacked Outdoors

Longer tree straps than our competitors
Tree straps include large hand loop for easier grip and tightening
Bigger Surface Area with Aggressive Tread Design for your Boots
No Assembly or Moving Parts that can Fail or Break
Solid One-Piece Design
Dual Strap Post Design for added Stability
Heavy Duty Polyester Straps
Shoulder Strap Included

Weight: 2.35 lbs per stick and 9.4 lbs per set of 4 without straps
300 lb load capacity
Ladder Stick Length: 21″
Distance Between Steps: 17.25″
Introductory Pricing: Single Stick – $48.99 or Stack of 4 – $179.99

After 20 years in a treestand, Stacked Outdoors founder Brad recognized a need for better tree stand climbing sticks. After a friend fell off inadequate sticks from an “industry leader” Brad set out to build a safer model. The result was not only a safer set of climbing sticks but a lightweight, more durable and easier to use design that has changed the ladder stick market completely. Use Stacked Outdoors ladder sticks to climb safely on a ladder that delivers more support and a better experience in the field.

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