Montana Hunters Buy Nearly 2,600 Wolf Hunting Licenses

WolfHELENA (AP) — Hunters purchased nearly 2,600 wolf licenses Monday, the first day they went on sale in Montana.

The sales occurred on the same day U.S. District Judge Mike Molloy of Missoula heard arguments from animal rights and environmental groups seeking to block hunts in Idaho and Montana. Idaho’s hunt started Tuesday as Molloy took the arguments under consideration.

Hank Woersch, licensing bureau chief for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks says the slower sales — compared to the 4,000 sold on the first day licenses were available in Idaho — might have been due to the uncertainty of the court decision.

If the hunt is halted before the season starts, holders will be refunded their $19 license fee. Three nonresident licenses were sold for $350 each.

Montana’s hunt begins Sept. 15 in four wilderness areas while the regular wolf hunting season statewide begins Oct. 25. FWP set a quota of 75 wolves.

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