Montana’s Wildlife Legacy Decimation to Restoration Review

Montana's Wildlife Legacy Decimation to Restoration

Montana’s Wildlife Legacy Decimation to Restoration

This book written by two Montana gentlemen, chronicle the state’s wild animal populations and the hurdles that are responsible for the current conditions. “Montana’s Wildlife Legacy – Decimation and Restoration” by Terry Lonner and Harold Picton was published as a follow-up to their 2006 video, “Back from the Brink – Montana’s Wildlife Legacy.”

The book advertises itself as “only complete compilation of Montana’s wildlife trapping and transplanting records.”

Terry Lonner has been involved in wildlife conservation most of his adulthood. For 28 years Terry worked as wildlife researcher, before retiring as the Chief of Wildlife Research and Technical Services for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP). While Terry was working for the FWP, he authored and co-author numerous published and unpublished reports relating to the conservation of wildlife and its habitat.

Harold Picton is a former wildlife biologist for the then Montana Fish and Game Department. Harold has written more than 100 scientific articles concerning a plethora of different species. He is also responsible for the writing the Buffalo —Natural History and Conservation and Saga of the Sun, this is the story of the Sun River game range, near the Bob Marshall Wilderness area and the reintroducing elk in that area.

“We can’t take wildlife for granted,” Terry, said.

Market hunting, uncontrolled recreational hunting and severe habitat degradation took the land that at one time had an abundance of wildlife to near extinction. Near the turn of the 20th century, there were only a few thousand elk in the state and a deer were few and far between.

MT Wildlife Deer Camp

MT Wildlife Deer Camp

Other game animals had suffered a similar decline and were at risk of being wiped out as well.

But most important, it’s a reminder to young people of how hard wildlife biologists, government officials, landowners and everyday sportsmen worked to ensure future generations would have wildlife to enjoy, Terry said.

MT Wildlife Elk Mammoth Trap

MT Wildlife Elk Mammoth Trap

Terry hopes this book finds its way into classrooms and libraries across the country. So that future generations can truly understand that wildlife would not be here if people didn’t work so hard to bring it back.

The book is a tribute to everyone who had a hand in restoring Montana’s wildlife to what it is today. This should be in everyone’s library or on their coffee table. The book is printed in full color with hundreds of illustrations, maps and historical photographs previously unpublished.

I would recommend this book to anyone who values the outdoors! The only regret that I have about this book is that I did not purchase the hard cover version of the book! This would assist in keeping the book in my family for generations. You can request the hard cover as they run those in small quantities.

MT Wildlife Pronghorn In Pen

MT Wildlife Pronghorn In Pen

This book can be ordered at or by calling Media Works Publishing in Bozeman at 1-406-587-3583.

The book is also available at Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks regional offices in Bozeman, Missoula and Helena.

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