More Research Resources

Another very useful from South Cox on some additional research resources to assist you in gathering information on the area(s) that you will need to hunt, once you decide on the type of country that you want for your backcountry hunt.

Though Ive been guilty of disregarding my own advice in the past, one thing you never want to do is go off of just one source when you are spending 10 days of valuable vacation time.  I always try to back up a hot tip by cross checking it through other sources.  Regardless of whether you’re able to collaborate the information or not, I always like to have a back-up plan.  A couple of years ago I hunted a new spot in Colorado with a few other friends in the hunting industry.  Everything we’d heard about the place was exactly what I’d wanted to hear, remote, tough access, alpine and the guy we’d learned about it from had reliable first-hand information.  The prior year a couple of buddies had both taken big bucks out of the same spot during rifle season and had seen a ton of bucks.  The hike in was a killer, as tough as any I’ve made in recent years, and we even had llamas packing in the bulk of our gear.  Opening day, we collectively saw one doe and I saw 2 mountain lions.  We pulled out without a backup plan and only ended up filling one tag out of 4 deer tags and 4 elk tags.

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