Muddy Update

Muddy Outdoors


Muddy Outdoors went live last week with their new website.  While the look and feel is much like their old website, they have added many new features and an exciting new contest.

Please take a look at the commercial contest.  They hope to get a ton of entries and look forward to your videos.  The prizes will hopefully provide you some motivation to send your best stuff.  Online voting allows everyone to help pick the winner.

They have a renewed commitment to keeping the best site in the industry.  Relevant information and current events will be posted frequently.  Feel free to send them your comments on what else you would like to see on our site.

Hopefully, very shortly their new Climbing Sticks will be ready to ship. I have been waiting since February to get my hands on a set! Their design of sticks have eliminated the meatl buckle, which means faster and quieter set-ups!


Notice there is no metal buckle!

I already have their Safeguard Harness and more than satisfied with it. The minute you put the harness on, you will be amazed at the quality and the attention to detail that went into the harness!


Check out the site here.

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