Mystery Ranch Crew Cab Review

Mystery Ranch NICE Crew Cab, Hilleberg Soulo

Mystery Ranch NICE Crew Cab, Hilleberg Soulo

I have been using the Mystery Ranch Crew Cab for a little over 3 years now. During this time I have been using it as a day pack and “not” as a meat hauler, with no thanks to “Lady Luck” in getting me any tags!

I have used the Mystery Ranch Crew Cab for my western Muley and Elk hunts, normal daily whitetail hunts, family outings and some scouting/tree stand hanging trips. To date I have yet to peak over the 40lb mark, but up to this weight the pack rides like and feels great during the hike and even the next day. Imagine that…no sore back!

The Mystery Ranch NICE Crew Cab that I am using is setup as described below:

NICE Frame – Of course! This is unbelievable foundation that all of the load hauler packs build on
NICE Crew Cab – Weight = 7lbs 11oz w/ NICE Frame > Dimensions = 31-81″x21″x6″ > Volume = 1000ci (medium waist belt and yoke)
2 Long Side Pockets = 21”x6” Volume = 900ci
1 Large Load Cell = Weight 10oz > Dimensions = 12″x6″x3″ > Volume = 1400ci
2 Small Load Cells (each) = Weight 9oz > Dimensions = 7″x13″x6 > Volume = 950ci
NICE Daypack Lid = Weight 17oz > Dimensions = 4″x7″x12.5″ > Volume = 900ci
2 Waist Belt Pockets (each) = Weight 6oz > Volume = 50ci (estimated)

Total Weight = 11lbs
Total Cubic Inches = 6,200ci

Mystery Ranch NICE Crew Cab, Hilleberg Soulo in Idaho

I have heard some say that Mystery Ranch Packs are “too heavy for me”! Well, I could build you a pack from some Tyvek and some parachute cord. But, let me know how your shoulders and back feel after trying to carry a load with that setup. And no! you can’t borrow my Mystery Ranch Crew Cab!!! (I think they should make that a t-shirt or bumper sticker)

I feel very confident that I could get 4-5 days out of this pack during a “bivy” style of hunt. I can get all of my gear in the pack, including food and the pack still feels great on my back.

Since the purchase of this pack, I have sold all my other backpacks. I wish that I had found Mystery Ranch earlier, as this would have saved me some serious money. I could have purchased my current setup with all of the accessories, purchased another pack for the NICE frame and still had money to spend! Lesson learned…spend your money wisely the FIRST time!

Without question this is currently and remains my “go-to” pack for multi-day back country hunts. It is the most versatile, durable, comfortable, pack on the market.

Remember, the NICE Frame is the foundation of the Mystery Ranch load hauling hunting pack system. This frame enables you swap out other packs in a snap, attach with buckles and that are better suited for a specific hunt or backcountry adventure. The current line of packs that utilize the NICE Frame range in sizes from 1900ci to 7500ci. There is even a NICE Load Sling that is used just as the name implies, LOAD HAULING!

The man behind Mystery Ranch Crew Cab designs and innovations is Dana Gleason. Dana has 30 plus years in the backpacking industry. Including Dana Design, in which the K2 Corporation bought Dana Design in 1995.

Mystery Ranch guarantees all of their products for life! Here is the quote directly from their website:
“All Mystery Ranch products carry a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Repairs or replacements for defects of this nature will be offered free of charge, plus we’ll ship it back to you on our dime. Repairs where Mystery Ranch is not at fault are also available for a reasonable fee.”

Some other GREAT features of Mystery Ranch are that their packs are 100% made in the USA!!! This means that all of the parts, buckles, fabric and the like, including assembly are done here is the GREAT US of A! They provide customer service that is unparalleled in any industry. They are extremely knowledgeable and willing to share this info with you, courteous and very personable.

Check Mystery Ranch out, you will not be disappointed!

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