New Law Adds Opportunity for Antlerless Elk Permit

Hunters with an antlerless elk permit for a hunting district where a general license holder can also hunt antlerless elk during all or part of the season will have additional opportunity this year.

This means that in western Montana Hunting Districts (HDs) 210, 212, 213, 215, 216, 281, 283, 285, 291, 292, & 293, where a general license holder can hunt for antlerless elk and brow-tined bulls during the big game general rifle season’s third week (Nov. 9-15), antlerless permit holders now have the same privileges during the same time period.   During the other weeks of the rifle season these hunting districts are open only to brow-tined bulls with a general license and only to antlerless elk for the permit holders in the district, or portion of the district, for which the permit is valid.

Elk hunters holding antlerless permits in districts that allow general license holders to pursue antlerless elk until a quota is reached can also follow the general license regulations for elk in those districts while the quota remains open.   Districts affected by this are: 204, 261 & 270, from Nov. 9 until the quota is reached or the season ends.

For archery hunters with antlerless elk permits in districts where general license holders can also harvest antlerless elk during the archery-only season, anterlerless permit holders can use archery equipment to harvest any elk that is legal under the general license during the archery-only part of the season. This applies to many hunting districts throughout the state. Check the hunting regulations for specifics.

This change in regulation is the result of legislation passed this year (Senate Bill 188) and is not reflected in the Hunting Regulations because they were printed before the law was passed.

For questions, call your nearest FWP regional office.

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