New Opportunity For Nonresident Hunters

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission has tentatively adopted a new rule for the sale of nonresident big game combination licenses that increases opportunities for resident and nonresident family members to hunt together.

The new rule implements HB 585 passed during the 2009 legislative session to help promote the state’s hunting heritage. It makes an additional 500 nonresident deer and elk and 500 nonresident deer combination licenses available to former Montana residents with family members who reside in the state and hunt here. The license fee would be the same as similar nonresident combination licenses obtained through the annual drawing.

“Nonresident applicants for these licenses must be sponsored by a family member with a valid Montana hunting license who will accompany them in the field on the hunt,” said Hank Worsech, FWP licensing Bureau Chief.

Worsech said if more applications are received for the license than there are licenses available, a drawing would be conducted to issue the licenses and any unsuccessful applicants would be placed in the appropriate general nonresident combination license drawing.

The proposed deadline to apply for the license would be March 15, 2010.

For details on the new rule, go to the FWP Web site at under Public Notices. Public comment on the wording of the new rule will be accepted through Dec. 4 by email to: , or   via mail to: Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, Licensing Division, PO Box 200701, Helena, MT 59620-0701.

The FWP Commission is scheduled to make the new rule final at its meeting Dec. 10, 2009.

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