Norway Fusion Zeon Vanes

Norway Fusion Zeon Vanes

The Norway Fusion Zeon Vanes have been out for a while now. The outer edge of the vanes glow increases visibility. This allows the shooter to track their arrow flight, not to mention arrow recovery!

The Fusion Zeon vanes are legal for bowhunting in all states. In addition to the 2 inch vane, this year the Fustion Zeon vanes will be offered in a 3 inch version. This is a great fit for us bowhunters that shoot fixed-blade broadheads or need a lower profile vane for arrow clearance.

They adhere and fit to arrows and wraps just as well as the standard Fusion vanes, Rock-Solid!

A tip for fletching the Fusion Zeon Vanes is to use a Bitzenburger style jig. And clamp the vane just below the last rib before touching the base of the fletching.

Eliminates the need for lighted nocks
Pope and Young Legal
High profile for increased arrow stability
Ultra-bright for increased visibility in most lighting conditions

Check them out at your local archery dealer or here!

Norway Fusion Zeon Vanes

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