Opti-Logic Defines Cutting-Edge With Sabre Rangefinders

Tullahoma, TN: Opti-Logic Corporation, makers of the world’s first Consumer Priced Ballistics Compensating Laser Rangefinders and distributors of top-quality binoculars reveals their cutting-edge Sabre Laser Rangefinder.

The new Sabre rangefinder by Opti-Logic is a culmination of many years engineering that capitalizes on Opti-Logic’s distinguished record of success with their innovative patents and technologies including the original VAC (Vertical Angle Compensation)  The vertically oriented Sabre Provides excellent ergonomics and measures a stout, 5.2 inches L X 3.23 inches H X 1.8 inches W the Sabre will easily fit the hands of any shooter; man, woman or child.  

Unlike Opti-Logic’s Micro Series rangefinders, the Sabre offers an extended range option to fit the gammut of big game hunters and recreational shooters.  With a minimum ranging capability of 4 yards and maximum capability of 1,000 yards (914 meters) passive and 1,500 yards (1,372 meters) reflective; this unit is equally prepared to serve the dual-season hunter baring down on a ridge-top to ridge-top late-season elk or up close and personal while bowhunting river bottom whitetails.  The 6X magnification allows enough

Low light conditions are no match for the Micro I. The internal LED Red Dot Aiming system is brilliantly displayed through fully coated, zero-magnification optics that offer monstrous eye relief. A single CR123 battery powers the adaptable Micro I while three easily selected ranging modes are available with simple one-touch operation: Yardage, Meters and Ballistics Compensation with VAC.  Each ranging mode is clearly and easily displayed on the backside of the unit by a vivid-green LED light- no guess work here! The waterproof and shock-resistant Micro I sports a rubber-coated, velvet-like finish, which offers durability that will withstand years of hard hunting. Not to mention piece of mind, that when your Micro I happens to bump something in a stand, it’s noise will be less than a whisper to the ears of wary whitetails.

The vertical orientation of the Micro I is easily cradled in even the smallest of hands and at less than 7 ounces this uber-compact unit is not only a space-saver, but ultra-light!  Big game and bivy hunters alike will appreciate its feather-light design and rugged construction along with its extensive features.  The Micro includes a deluxe, black Cordura, carry case with noise-free magnetic closure, belt loop and tether clip making it a snap to access during those split-second, dare-to-be-great situations at the trophy-of-a-lifetime.  As with all Opti-Logic products the Micro I includes a full two-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.

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Opti-Logic Corporation holds several proprietary patents including ballistics compensation labeled as VAC (Vertical Angle Compensation), manufactures and distributes an extensive line of high-quality products including a comprehensive line of rangefinders, binoculars and accessories. To learn more about Opti-Logic products visit www.opti-logic.com; or call (888) 678-4564 (OPTILOG).

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