Project Katera – Part 2

As, I stated in my previous Project Katera post, I was in need of a new set of strings. If you are anything like myself or most bowhunters, we love to research gear!

Not, to delay my schedule to complete Project Katera anymore, it was it was time to select and purchase some accessories. My first few selections were the B-Stinger 8.5″ 11oz stabilizer and the Trophy Taker Xtreme FC Angled Slot Fall Away Arrow Rest. Which I purchased from South Shore Archery Supply, Jerry is great to work with and a “stand-up guy” to boot!

So, while I was waiting on this order, I narrowed my selection of sting makers down to Vapor Trail, Americas Best and a local guy who I know. In the end, I went with the local guy to build my cables and strings for me. While he was making the strings, I stripped the bow down completely. Cleaned every bolt, axle and bushing on the bow. Then, I lubed all the parts with Scorpion Venom Archery Products as I was putting the bow back together.

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