Schnee’s and Powder Horn Outfitters Have Moved!


Schnee's & Powderhorn

Well, physically they have not moved their retail locations, but they have moved their blogs to the following new locations: (Powder Horn Outfitters

Sign-up for their newsletters or if you prefer, they have RSS feeds that you can subscribe to. This organization is second to none! Customer service at Schnee’s is nothing like I have ever seen. On my hunt to Montana last year, I was cutting it close in getting all of my Sitka Gear , (from another vendor) before I left home. They held 2 pair of pants and 3 pair of socks for me, for 2 weeks before I finally arrived. I have learned my lesson they are my goto outerwear store.

When I arrived, they sales person informed me of a better pair of socks, which were at the other store. He “ran” not walked to the other retail store and brought them to me! And they were awesome, as I wore this socks for 8 days in “The Bob”!!!


In addition to their recent upgrades, Schnee’s is a TV show called Powder Horn Montana on the Sportsman Channel in June.

Schnee’s and Schnee’s Powder Horn Outfitters have been serving the needs of serious outdoors-people since 1946. Their mission is to provide best-of-breed footwear, apparel, and outdoor products to discriminating customers worldwide, together with world-class customer service. Their headquarters in Bozeman, Montana, which they have worked for more than 60 years to establish Schnee’s and Powder Horn Outfitters as a trusted resource for the highest quality products and customer service.


They strive to provide you with the best experience and knowledge, and apply what they know and learn to bring you even better service and products.

In addition to supporting local charities and community organizations such as the United Way, Gallatin Valley Land Trust, and Big Brothers Big Sisters, Schnee’s is proud to participate actively in numerous organizations and efforts to preserve and enhance the natural environment and wild lands of Montana.

They support organizations such as the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Pheasants Forever, and Quail Forever  their commitment to sporting traditions and the natural environment.

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  1. Would love to enter to win a hunt with you guys. This would be such an honor.

  2. William R. Horn Jr. says

    Sirs; I watch your show on the sportsman ch. as much as I can. I recently saw that I can enter for a hunt giveaway promotion. Is this where I enter? I’m not very good on a computer so I may be in the wrong place, please help! My info is– 44 Stephen St. –Mooresville, INDIANA, 46158 (ph) 317-831-2164. Please enter me, Thank you for your help.

    • William, would you be as to so kind to inform me which show that you are referring to? This will assist you in providing to corret information.