Scorpion Venom, a Good Thing

Scorpion Venom 3 Star String Maintenance KitIf you are like me are beyond the issues with wax on your strings and cables, then I have found the product for you.

To be honest waxing the strings and cables on my bows was a necessary evil. I like the benefits of keeping them from drying out, starting fray and keep if from soaking up the water in the rain. But, the trade-off is that it allows everything else that is bad for the strings to stick to it and act as sandpaper each-n-every draw and shot of the bow.

Scorpion Venom Archery produces several products that will fit your needs. I have listed the products that they offer below:

  • Anti-Venom Bowstring Cleaner: If you already have applied one of the other inferior waxes on your strings, you will need a bottle of this to clean the string before applying the other products
  • Biscuit Spray: Odor-free pump spray for your Whisker Biscuit, waterproofing, reduces friction
  • Cam and Serving Lube: An odor-free lubricant for the cam pins and string serving that makes contact with the cam during draw and release cycles. Will not attract dirt or freeze
  • Crossbow Rail Lube: An odor-free lube, reduces friction and increases string life
  • Polymetric Bowstring Fluid: An odor-free fluid that won’t freeze or attract dirt and will last longer than wax
  • Target Arrow Release Fluid: An odor-free lubricant to allow easier arrow removal from your 3-D targets
  • 3 Star String Maintenance Kit: Contains the Anti-Venom String Cleaner, Cam & Serving Lube & Polymeric Bowstring Fluid

I will warn you in that if you are going to have to clean the wax off of your existing strings and cables with the Anti-Venom, it will take several, not a couple sessions to remove all the wax. Now, I am sure this will vary as to what type of wax and how often it was applied. I used a very soft, natural based wax so it was in there.

It is a fairly simple process to clean your strings and cables. You apply it with its built-in sponge applicator and wipe of with a towel in one fluid direction. Repeat this until no residue is left on your towel when wiping.  Then, let I let it dry out for at least one hour. Then, you can apply the Polymetric Bowstring Fluid and let it dry overnight. I then applied a second coat to ensure it was coated fully.  It dries to a light sheen!

I have been using this system now for a little over 3 yrs now. I have been very pleased with the products that I have used. I have installed this on several bows and have hunted in all kinds of weather, I can say that my strings and cables not fraying and look as good as new!

You can get all the information from their website.

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